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Top 8 Best Fence Post [The Smarter Choice for You]

What if you wake up one day and see your garden got smashed everywhere? Surely, you’ll feel devastated.

Whether it’s some wild animals or your neighbor’s toddler, whoever did that, once it’s done, there’s hardly anything you can do about that.

So, like the Dutch philosopher, Desiderius Erasmus said, “Prevention is better than cure.” You need to take proper precautions to guard your beloved garden.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind which is going to keep your garden safe? Yes, you got it, alright. Put a fence!

So, how do you get the best fence post for our fence? Don’t worry; we did intensive research on the post and have listed the best metal fence available in the market.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Fi-Shock P-30G Green Garden Post for Fence
Fi-Shock P-30G Green Garden Post for FenceCheck Price

Fi-Shock Step-In 4
Fi-Shock Step-In 4" Post for FenceCheck Price

MTB Sturdy Duty Fence U Post 3 Feet
MTB Sturdy Duty Fence U Post 3 FeetCheck Price

Everbilt Powder-Coated Green Steel Fence T-Post | Set of 12
Everbilt Powder-Coated Green Steel Fence T-Post | Set of 12Check Price

Origin Point Brands Light Duty Fence Posts | 5-Feet
Origin Point Brands Light Duty Fence Posts | 5-FeetCheck Price

Our Top 8 Best Fence Post Reviews in 2022

Below are some of the premium quality fence posts to help you get the right one. Go ahead and check out.

1. Fi-Shock P-30G Green Garden Post for Fence

While buying a Post for Fence of your garden, some thoughts will appear in your mind. What kind of design should I get? What color will blend in perfectly with the garden?

Well, Fi-Shock P-30G provides you with the perfect natural color green that suits very well with the landscaping and gives a perfect camouflage look for any kind of intruder that can cause any harm to the garden.

The plastic-built and natural-looking fence weighs only 5.7 ounces. As a result, you will have the least difficulty in changing the positions of the posts.

The model comes with eight built-in clips that also act as an insulator. So you will be safe touching the rain-drenched posts in the morning. Also, you don’t have to keep an eye on your toddler while playing around.

Passing fence wire through these clips will set up a perimeter of your choice for your garden. These insulated clips also work with steel wire, aluminum wire, and poly wire.

The plus point of the feature is that you can electrocute your fence wires to avoid any type of physical damage to your yard or garden.

Coming in the most affordable price range, it contains 25 posts per pack. So, you can end up fencing your whole yard or garden within a very reasonable price range. You can find an in-depth suggestion for electric fence wire by simply clicking here.

Most Liking Feature

the exciting part is that the Zareba 30-inch is also UV resistant that means it can resist sunlight, and the color will not fade for an extended period of usage. And finally, if you are looking for something cheap yet durable and sturdy, nothing can beat this one!

Probable Drawback

Plastic clips are prone to break when you try to use the electric wire tightly.

Key Features

  • Lightweight(around 5.7 ounces) 30-inch post
  • Molded clips that protect you from any kind of electrical shocks
  • Built to increase the life of the fence with durable green plastic
  • Ribbed I-beam to keep the posts perfectly in place and stable
  • Green nature color makes a perfect camouflage in the surrounding
  • UV resistant, so there is the least chance of the color fading

2. Fi-Shock Step-In 4″ Post for Fence

Suppose you are looking for a fences post capable of holding some strong, large animals such as cows, horses, managing a large crowd in discipline, and installing safety precautions in construction sites.

In that case, Fi-Shock Step-In will be a perfect model for your desired requirements. These temporary posts are one of the best in the market, using sturdy polypropylene reinforced with a ribbed, steel I-beam.

The polypropylene is not only UV-resistant, but each post is also completely molded as one component, contributing to its strength. You can install these posts in a minimal amount of time.

Despite its strong configuration, it weighs only 13 ounces. So it makes the best lightweight and strong combo, making it ideal for both temporary and permanent fencing. Also, the black color makes it very visible to the naked eye.

However, you might say that this model is a little costly, but you have to agree, no compromise when it comes to durability and safety.

One of the great things about this model is that it’s 4 feet in length, which provides you with a fence height of around 35 inches above the ground.

Not to mention you can dig it up to 9.80 inches underground, which can stand very firmly with great mechanical potential.

Most Liking Feature

You don’t have to worry about twisting and bending the posts while digging because it has anti-rotation spikes and a built-in flange that makes it resistant to great pressure and torque. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the fencing for the garden.

Probable Drawback

After installation height is around 40 inches, so if you need a long height setup then it won’t serve.

Key Features

  • A 4 feet lightweight model with UV-resistant strength weighing about 13 ounces
  • The clips are molded for suitable electrical wiring and polymer taping
  • Covered with reinforced polypropylene with heavy strength steel
  • Additional strengthening ribs for quality
  • Anti-rotation spike and large step-in flange to prevent bend

3. MTB Sturdy Duty Fence U Post 3 Feet

If you are looking for a two-in-one opportunity, we will recommend you MTB Sturdy Duty Fence U Post. Any demand you throw at this model, it will provide all.

Do you want a good color? It has a concrete nature-friendly green coating, a good friend of nature. Do you want the design and durability? It is a lightweight polyester powder-coated and U-channel post weighing only 21 pounds.

If you look closely at the design, you will see it has some labeling.

First of all, tabs enable you to easily attach the fence; it has an anchor plate attached to provide mechanical support. Moreover, it also comes in different sizes(3 to 7 feet), so the customers can buy their desirable size for their uses. It is also useful in many other matters other than fencing.

Most Liking Feature

As we have discussed earlier, the U-channel shape increases the strength, including all the above combinations. You don’t have to dig with a shovel and place the posts; just pounding the posts with a hammer will be fine.

Probable Drawback

It might not stand still if you install these posts in the open field where wind velocity is extremely high.

Key Features

  • Polyester coating with 14 gauge rugged steel makes it very strong
  • U-channel shape increases the strength
  • A complete pack contains ten posts
  • Tabs and Anchor plate to provide mechanical support
  • Comes in different sizes to choose from
  • The green color gives your yard a refreshing look

4. Everbilt Powder-Coated Green Steel Fence T-Post

The next product in your best Fence T-Post list is the versatile one that will provide you with many options according to your needs.

The Everbilt Powder-Coated Green Steel is made with rail steel, giving significant durability to the post.

Additionally, it has two layers of enamel and primed coat finishing, allowing rusting resistance against foreign elements. The model weighs about 6.2 pounds and is easy to maneuver.

It comes in three sizes, 7, 6, and 5 feet, respectively. Also, it has the anchor plate present so that the post will not bend or deform in any kind of unnecessary force applied. They also have small hooks attached to them to secure the fencing net them.

The dotted design gives safety fencing in a particular area. Not to mention, the greenish outlook makes it more friendly in the surroundings.

Most Liking Feature

The installation is straightforward; it is made in that manner to penetrate the ground very easily and takes about 1 inch for steady standing support and the anchor plate provides reliable mechanical support during fencing.

Probable Drawback

There are no clips or notch on the post where the wire/strand can stay on the post.

Key Features

  • Dotted design to attract the customers
  • Firmly welded anchor plate for mechanical support
  • Easy to install without any fastener
  • Comes in variable sizes to give you choice
  • Two layers of enamel and primed coat finishing to prevent rusts

5. Origin Point Brands Light Duty Fence Posts

Well, if you want something with more features than the last one, check out the Origin Point Posts. It also has some pluses! Let’s have a look at its features.

The Origin point posts come in 3 desirable sizes(3, 4, and 5 feet). You can see this model has a size range quite smaller than the other suggested models.

If you want to protect something in a small area, we will indicate this model will be a perfect choice for you.

It can cover up to 36-inch fencing products.

This model has also got tabs, which make the anchoring even easier. As we have already mentioned, origin point brands also come in green nature-friendly colors.

You got a hammer, right? Because that’s all you need. You can pound the post with the hammer, and it will smoothly take its place through the ground.

One point you should set in your mind is that this model might be a little too expensive as compared to all the other models. But still, no one can put a price on safety!

Most Liking Feature

Having dimensions of 60x3x1 inches, this post weighs about 2 pounds, and so we can conclude this model is lightweight. And it’s durable too! The light-duty posts with the outer enamel covering are sure to last long.

Probable Drawback

These garden posts are perfect for small garden sets not for large fencing.

Key Features

  • Labeled for easy anchoring for the rolled fence
  • Lightweight posts weighing about 2 pounds
  • The installation does not require that much elbow work
  • The green color blends into the environment neatly
  • Enamel outer coating makes it durable

6. Zareba Systems PTP39A Pig Tail Step-in Post of Fences

Well, now, we will be introducing you to a different type of model. In terms of design, this model is a bit different than all the models mentioned above. Presenting you the Zareba Systems PTP39A Post.

One significant change is that it contains an insulated loophole at the top of the post, making the wire insertion even easier.

It even has an attached footstep at the lower end that helps to maintain a steady standing position. It is ideal for impermanent electrified barrier fences in areas or oversaw serious grazing applications.

This post can put up any steel, aluminum wire, or poly wire to 1 inch, and any types of poly ropes are also compatible.

If you set this post to keep any animals in a required perimeter, you can observe if they are in any range of danger, providing if the fences are electrocuted.

Most Liking Feature

The product is different, looks different, and unlike others, it can be used for electric fencing. Though it does not come in green, the natural ash color Pig Tail step in post can be visible from a far distance.

Probable Drawback

The shape and design of the post made it inappropriate for using all types of garden posting.

Key Features

  • Can put up any aluminum, steel wires, or poly ropes
  • The insulated loop on top prevents the posts from being electrocuted
  • Per pack contains 25 step-in post
  • Welded hold for steady maintenance
  • A suitable model for electric fencing organized grazing applications

7. Yardworks Steel U-Post – Green

Want some more post-length options? Yardworks Steel U-Post provides you with five length options, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 feet.

This 14 gauge steel model provides you with outstanding durability because of the well-used alloy steel. For this reason, these posts have zero probability of rusting.

It has a wing about 1 foot up from the bottom. This will give you the idea that the post will stand very firmly with 1 foot of its part being underground.

The posts are very sturdy and strong enough to hold the temporary plastic fence.

It has a hook-type structure at the top of the post, which will support the fence to hold on firmly. The color comes in dark green, which takes us back to the nature-friendly section and perfectly fits outlooks.

The 7 feet posts weigh about 20 pounds, which is neither heavy nor very light but sure to give you ample maneuverability.

Most Liking Feature

It consists of many equidistant holes spread throughout the post in which wire can be put through for the fencing you require Besides, the whole process is very cheap, and you can set this up within a minimum budget that comes to your mind.

Probable Drawback

Some footplates of these posts are quite vulnerable, so it needs proper care while installing.

Key Features

  • Steel consists of 14 gauge and no rusting
  • Dark green-colored design for a refreshing outlook
  • Multiple length options to choose from
  • 1-foot wing to hold firmly on the ground

8. Deer Fence: 9 ft Black Angle Steel Posts

Deer movement does not decrease in the late spring. It is even more awful in spring. However, this year’s spring was unusual.

On account of COVID-19, deer became intrepid and meandered onto scenes during the entire hours of the day just as they headed out to metropolitan settings.

It’s prescribed to home producers that they introduce a 7.5 feet to 8 feet deer fence this mid-year to forestall plant harm from deer this season. Black Angle Steel posts are right here for you!

These types of fences are used to guard specific animals. In this particular case, we use these fences for deers by creating an invisible mesh barricade. It uses a post driver to set the posts within 15 or 20 feet along the fences.

And you can also use it to install an electric fence!

Quoting the words of Steve K, “Good quality and when they go in the ground, they stay in the ground” means that the fences are very to install in the ground.

Each steel post is black powder-coated very thickly, which increases both durability and lifespan.

The metal posts are pre-penetrated, so our rock-solid zip ties can be utilized to handily connect the deer fencing to the point steel line post.

Most Liking Feature

This steel post also comes in many different heights; for an 8 feet deer, we have around a 9 feet fence. Similarly, we have 7/7.5 feet and 6 feet of deer fences.

Probable Drawback

You will face some rusting problems if you don’t paint these posts before installation.

Key Features

  • Comes in variable lengths
  • Pre-penetrated makes it easy to tie
  • ⅛ inch thick posts are very sturdy
  • Post driver setting the posts within 15 or 20 feet along the fences

Comparison Table of Best Fence Post

Product NameMaterialLengthWeight
Fi-Shock P-30G Green Garden PostPlastic2.5feet0.36lb
Fi-Shock Step-In Fence PostSteel4feet0.812lb
MTB Sturdy Duty Fence PostSteel3-7feet21lb
Everbilt Powder-Coated Fence T-PostSteel5,6,7feet6.2lb
Origin Point Brands 100050608Steel3,4,5feet2.1lb
Zareba Systems PTP39A Fence PostSteel3.5feet27.6lb
Yardworks Steel U-Post - GreenSteel3,4,5,6,7feet20lb
Deer Fence: 9 ft Black Angle Steel Fence PostsSteel6 to 8feet-

Consider This Thinks Before Buying Fence Post

Best Fence Post

The best product doesn’t always work best for everyone. Learning what’s there to expect makes you a smarter user.

Every individual has their own setlist. This guide is about what you need to know before picking the best one according to your needs.

There’re many areas to look into before buying a Fence T-Post. Here’s the list of factors and concise guidance about them.

Know Your Needs

Since the dawn of civilization, when people came across guarding something, the first instinct was putting a wall or fence.

So, keeping your garden, grazing land, or farm, the first rule is to put up a fence. It keeps intruders away.

The farm area around the jungle often has the common problem of keeping the goods safe from wild animals. Now you might know that you’ll need a fence. It brings some more concerns.

Like, what type of fence should anyone put on? There’re many types of fences available based on their materials, purpose, and other qualities.

But your choice is the priority and depends on your needs. You can pick just the right one for your garden.

Whichever one you’ll choose will need some more study too. Like even the best one might not be suitable for you. A fence has many qualities to look into. Like, materials, durability, and many others.

But the primary quality of a fence is how good it’s holding. Despite all these vital considerations, knowing your needs is the first step of buying.


Saving your garden from toddlers doesn’t need the most robust post. But while saving your area from something wild and strong, you wouldn’t want to compromise your post’s strength.

So, knowing the types available will keep you in the right direction. Here’s the list of post types available.

Wood post

Wood Posts are heavy-duty posts. They are mainly used as a corner post and also do a good job for the gate.

Corner posts get the most stress than other positions, and it is not a smart decision to compromise with the stability of a corner post.

The recommended wood posts are 8feet long. However, wood posts do have a drawback. The muddy environment can cause wood to decay faster.

Steel Rod post

For durable and portable posts, steel rod posts are the trump. If you’re controlling a crowd somewhere, a quick fence could make your job a lot easier.

This is where the steel rod post does the best job. These are the primary two materials based types you should look into.


Something that’s going to guard your house will need some testing too. Putting up fences is a hard job.

Not everyone got enough time in their hand to change posts every six months. So, the durability of the post is the issue here.

First, you need to put some parameters that will help you narrow down the list. The environment you’ll put the fence on decides many things. So, before going into the material’s durability, let’s talk about the outdoor environment.

People often face problems choosing the wrong post for the wrong outdoor. The muddy area can cause your wood post to decay faster; on the other hand, low-quality steel gets rust on easily.

The type of wood you’re using can have a great impact on performance. You can use Black Locust wood that’s decay-proof wood. Black locust lasts around 20 to 25 years.

The problem with those decay-proof wood is they might not be available and are also a bit pricy. Using an extra layer of coating can do the job more comfortable for you.

Again, the treated wood posts seem to decay a lot slower than untreated wood posts. Take pine wood as an example—untreated pine only lasts around 5 to 7 years, where treated pine lasts as long as 30 years.

In terms of steel posts, a proper polyester coat can do the exact thing!


If you notice correctly, we’ll see different kinds of fences in other places. It’s not always about texture or looking good. Different weather demands different kinds of fencing.

The post is no different in this section. Whether you live in California or Ohio, you need to select your fence size accordingly. Here is some helpful information about the particular weather.

Cold weather

Cold weather often put people into difficulties in term of putting fence. The weather affects not only the materials of the posts but also the workability of the fence.

Cold weather can cause shrinking and other moisture-based problems. So, fencing steel will be a better option than wood in cold weather as steel posts don’t have to go through all these moisture-based problems.

Conversely, plastic posts also have some disadvantages in winter. The cold makes plastic hard. You might ask, what’s wrong with the hard plastic?

The answer is freezing can make plastic brittle, and a frozen plastic post damages soon.

The aluminum posts can do the job for you but, their lightweight quality puts the fence at a disadvantage. In cold weather, aluminum tends to bend and dent.

So, the cold weather winner is steel posts. But the thing you should look into before picking any steel posts is galvanization. Pre-galvanized steel will prevent moisture problems. The coat protects the post from rust.

Warm weather

In warm weather, everyone tends to believe everything lasts longer. Well, it’s a myth. The temperature might cause a lot of damage to your fence.

So, before rushing to any conclusion, let us point you to the things you should look into.

Summer heat can make your garden’s post expand more than usual, which is not a good sign. This can damage your garden’s post and decrease its lifespan.

How can you save your post from summer heat? Plastic is a better solution in summer. But the quality of the plastic is much important.

Nevertheless, there’s an odd solution that usually works in warm weather. And it is the Vinyl posts.

The Vinyl posts are made in a way that’ll keep the post-heat resistant. They don’t expand or bend like wood or metal does in heat. It also offers waterproof quality.

Clips and Holes

Whether using wire or wood, the clip or hole containing is a crucial part to look into. If your clips aren’t durable enough, it’ll create holes in the fence.

But, what’s the point of putting a fence if there’s a hole! Clips can slide down and create problems; on the other hand, holes solve that problem.

The problem you might face with fence holes is the durability of the hole. A clip is replaceable, but a damaged hole can cause big trouble.


In the winter season, people often complain about popping up posts. Frost can cause your post to pop up.

It occurs due to groundwater turning into frost, and it creates a camera lens-shaped frost, and ice pushes the post out of its hole.

The post’s size is important because you’ll need to put some extra inches of your post under the frost line. Some gravel in the foundation of the hole can also solve the problem.

What Is The Difference Between U Posts and T Posts?

Difference Between U Posts and T Posts?

Depending on the post’s shape, there are two types of posts available; T post and U post. These two have slightly different features from others.

U post’s shape is kind of like U from the side. They are made of thinner metal; thus, you can bend them easily for your use.

You can also join two U-shaped posts to make one long post. Also, the outlook of the post is very much aesthetic.

On the contrary, T posts are usually made of thick steel. You can’t easily bend them like U posts. Its rigid body makes it more durable.

So, if you’re looking for something to guard your ranch, we recommend you use a T post.

How to Install a Chain Link Fence?

Frequently Asked Questions:

fencing for privacy

1. Are 2 feet deep enough for fence posts?

Ans: There’s no exact length for any post’s hole. How much you should dig will depend on how long your fence post is.

We recommend you follow the standard procedure for drilling the hole for the post. The standard size is ⅓ of the original post’s length.

2. Should I use 4×4 or 6×6 fance posts?

Ans: Going with the 6×6 is a better solution. The extra space will help you when the posts need some maintenance. It can cause problems using 4×4 post fance while you’re changing one for replacement.

3. How do I stop my post fance from rotting?

Ans: The rotting posts are one of the ordinary maintenance of a fance post. The moisture and groundwater level can cause rotting faster.

The trick is to make the base of the post’s hole with concrete; it’ll keep it safe. The other way is to carpet the hole with gravel. It’ll stop water from touching the post.

4. How far apart should fence posts be?

Ans: The spacing is critical because if you give less space between the posts, you’ll probably need more posts.

On the other hand, if you provide much distance between them, then the wire might sag. So, the standard spacing is putting the posts around six and eight feet apart.

Final Words

posts for fence

In the end, this guide brings everything you need to know about posts—no more trashed gardens in the morning.

You can now pick any post fance from above or use the guideline to pick whats suits your garden or ranch better.

Check out the best fence posts reviews and buying guides, and get yourself one from the list. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!

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