Surfactant for Herbicides

Top 5 Best Surfactant for Herbicides – A List From an Expert

Oftentimes you may use some herbicide, fungicide or insecticide, but you will not get the ultimate result even choosing the best product, right?

Now it is clear that the chemicals you use have not enough sticky to stay on the leaf or mix with the plant system. Yes, most of the herbicide turn less effective as it rolls off the leaf or can’t soak the plant system.

In this case, you must choose the best surfactant to make your herbicide more effective. And if you pick the best herbicide then you should also choose the best surfactant for herbicides.

However, if you are in a rush and looking for the top-rated surfactant for lawns then check out the below list.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Southern Ag Non-Ionic 16oz Surfactant
Southern Ag Non-Ionic 16oz SurfactantCheck Price

LawnStar Non Ionic Spreader Sticker for Pre Emergent & Fertilizer
LawnStar Non Ionic Spreader Sticker for Pre Emergent & FertilizerCheck Price

Liquid Harvest Non-Ionic 8oz Surfactant
Liquid Harvest Non-Ionic 8oz SurfactantCheck Price

Crystal Blue Plex Mate Aquatic Surfactant
Crystal Blue Plex Mate Aquatic SurfactantCheck Price

Petra Sprayer's Nonionic Surfactant for Weed Killer, Foliar, Unwanted Grass, Herbicide
Petra Sprayer's Nonionic Surfactant for Weed Killer, Foliar, Unwanted Grass, HerbicideCheck Price

Best Surfactant for Herbicides Reviews

In this segment, we have reviewed all selected surfactants with their detailed features. In fact, it will help you to make your buying decision easy. Let’s dive into the review section.

1. Southern Ag Non-Ionic 16oz Surfactant

Without having a quality surfactant, your entire herbicide might go to waste. However, if you prefer quality over anything when choosing a product, then this is for you.

First, have a look at the brand value. Southern Ag is a very familiar name in the chemical arenas. And if you are a regular patron of chemical products then you may hear the brand.

As it is a raw chemical so you must follow the application instructions. You need to add a little bit of surfactant to the herbicide and see its efficacy.

After mixing the surfactant with any herbicide, it helps to prevent sliding the herbicide on the leaf or plant stalks. As a result, the herbicide becomes more effective and easily terminates the weed plants.

Most Liking Features

Versatile use is the main fact that we like most about the surfactant. That means you can use the chemical pack with most of the pesticide. And you will not find any variant resulting regardless of the pesticides.

Probable Drawbacks

It is formulated out of the chemical composition, so its contact is quite harmful for humans and animals.

Key Features

  • A cost-effective surfactant for lawns
  • Make the herbicide more effective
  • Prevent sliding herbicide on weeds
  • Can be used for most of the herbicide

2. LawnStar Non Ionic Spreader Sticker for Pre Emergent & Fertilizer

If you aren’t finding the best surfactant for roundup and keep searching for a quality surfactant around, then take a look at this one. LawnStar brought this surfactant that will never let you down.

Brand reliability is still a question to some lawner or gardener while picking a surfactant. We will ensure that LawnStar provides maximum performance and makes your solution more effective.

Why LawnStar surfactant is preferable for most lawn and garden? Because LawnStar used wetting agent technology to formulate the surfactant.

As a result, it can efficiently treat the plants and aid in penetration.

In terms of safety and security, it is an awesome surfactant because it doesn’t contain any alcohol and flammable substance. However, as it is a chemical product you must follow safety instructions while application.

Most Liking Features

Wide variety of compatibility is the main basis of this surfactant. You can use the surfactant as an additive to most pre-emergent and fertilizers. After mixing it you will notice its effectiveness within a very short time.

Probable Drawbacks

Using overdose would be harmful for other plants and the soil too.

Key Features

  • A non-ionic surfactant
  • Used wetting blend technology
  • Compatible with most gardening product
  • Free of alcohol and non-flammable

3. Liquid Harvest Non-Ionic 8oz Surfactant

You may notice that an herbicide can be more efficient if you add a quality surfactant, right? Yes, that’s true and if you enhance the effectiveness of your current dull herbicide, then you are at the right place.

We mostly appreciate the Liquid Harvest surfactant due to its chemical composition. It comes with a perfect blend that makes sure 100% compatibility with most of the garden products.

That means you can use the surfactant for fungicide, algaecide along with herbicide.

Furthermore, after blending the surfactant, you will know how effectively it helps to stick the chemical to the plants. Besides, if the plant’s leaf is waxy then it breaks down the upper coating that helps to penetrate the herbicide easily.

Most Liking Features

Though Liquid Harvest Surfactant is a product of chemicals, it is non-toxic altogether. So, you can use the same surfactant for both landscape and aquatic plants.

Probable Drawbacks

The price of this surfactant is a bit higher than the other listed product.

Key Features

  • Easily break down the waxy coating
  • Quickly blend with different type of chemicals
  • Helps to penetrate to the plant’s system
  • Increase product coverage

4. Crystal Blue Plex Mate Aquatic Surfactant

If you are looking for the best surfactant for herbicides for aquatic plants, then you need a particular surfactant to get the best result. In this case, Crystal Blue Plex would be a reliable surfactant for lawns.

Though it has been specially formulated for aquatic weeds, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for landscape plants. Interestingly, it also works well on landscape weeds along with aquatic plants.

Blending with a few drops of surfactant makes your herbicides more effective.

In fact, it helps to stick the chemicals to plants immediately after mixing the surfactant.

When we juxtapose the surfactant with other listed products, one noticeable thing is its quantity. I mean the quantity of the surfactant is quite lower than the other surfactants.

Most Liking Features

The main interesting point of the Crystal Blue Plex surfactant is its break down process. After spraying the surfactant, it starts breaking down the leaf’s waxy substance. As a result, the weed can easily absorb the chemicals.

Probable Drawbacks

Works best only with some particular herbicides.

Key Features

  • Increase chemical penetration
  • Enhance stickiness of the chemicals
  • Easily break down the waxy coating of weeds
  • Applicable for both aquatic and landscape plants

5. Petra Sprayer’s Nonionic Surfactant for Weed Killer, Foliar, Unwanted Grass, Herbicide

When you need a quantity pack for large-scale use, you can check this one. The Petra store-bought this surfactant which includes everything that a surfactant should have.

Firstly, we would like to mention that Petra is a multipurpose surfactant.

That means you can use the surfactant not only with herbicide but also with insecticide, fungicide, fertilizers, and some other similar chemicals.

Unlike other surfactants, Petra ensures staying surfactant longer on the weeds with better stickiness. As a result, within a little bit of spraying, you can have a better effect.

Besides, you will notice that it enhances the plant’s nutrients uptake immediately after application. This happens because Petra surfactant contains ammonium sulfate. So, your plant growth will not hamper by using this surfactant.

Most Liking Features

To make your application easier, the pack includes a durable sprayer. Now you don’t need to look the perfect sprayer in the market and easily get your job done. That’s why we prefer the surfactant for a large-scale use.

Probable Drawbacks

You may have less impact if you use it for aquatic plants.

Key Features

  • A cost-effective and quantity pack
  • Compatible with most chemicals
  • Make sure a full coverage
  • Comes with a durable sprayer

Things to Consider Before Buying Surfactant for Herbicides

Best Surfactant for Herbicides

While you are choosing a surfactant to make your herbicide more efficient, you need to consider some factors of the surfactant beforehand. Choosing a wrong product can minimize the existing performance of herbicides.

Don’t worry! We have put together some crucial factors of the surfactant so that you can find the best non ionic surfactant home depot.


When you mix a surfactant with the herbicide, naturally it makes the herbicide a bit sticky. As a result, the chemical you have applied to the plant can stay on the plants for a long time.

After blending the surfactant, stickiness of the herbicide indicates the quality of the surfactant. The stickier an herbicide is, the better it will be. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the fertilizer for camellias.

Type of the Chemicals

Generally, you will find two types of surfactants: one is designed for landscape and the other is for aquatic plants. The application measurement is also different for both aquatic and landscape surfactant.

Suppose if you choose a random surfactant for aquatic plants, then you won’t get the expected result. Thus, you should determine the category first and then you can easily choose the right surfactant for lawns.

Cost Effectivity

Choosing a low-cost surfactant doesn’t mean a low graded product. There is available surfactant that come with better quality within a minimum budget. So, going with a low budget product could be good in some cases.

In this case, you should consider the quantity of the product then compare the price with the quality.

Multipurpose Use

There are a lot of benefits choosing a multipurpose pack. For example, if you go with a general surfactant, you can’t use it with most of the chemicals such as herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, fertilizers and other chemicals.

However, a multipurpose surfactant can be used for both aquatic and landscape plants. Plus, you can use the same surfactant with most of the gardening and farming chemicals. In this way, you can minimize your costing.

How to Use Surfactants in Your Lawn?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Do I use the surfactant with liquid chemicals?

Yes, you can. In fact, these surfactants are designed for most chemicals such as fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide, fungicide and so on.

2. How much is needed for a gallon of herbicide?

Generally, you should use one or two ounces of surfactant to a gallon of herbicide. However, the quantity could be different according to the surfactant and herbicide. So, you should follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

3. How can I pick the best surfactant for roundup?

Initially, you need to consider some facts such as stickiness, versatility, purpose of use and finally see its quantity and price. If these things are okay then you can go with the surfactant for herbicides.

4. Can I use these surfactants for aquatic weeds?

Yes, you can. However, you should check whether the surfactant would be effective for aquatic plants or not. In this case, you can choose a versatile surfactant for better outcome.

5. Do I use the surfactant with fertilizer?

Yes. Most of the surfactant can be used with some chemicals including fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides, and so on. That means a surfactant also makes the fertilizer more effective.

Final Words

Now finding the right kind of surfactant would be easy as you know what to check before buying and how to narrow down the buying list. So, if you want the maximum impact within a few drops of surfactant, then you should not compromise with the quality.

We hope that you have already found the best surfactant for herbicides as you have gone through the article carefully.

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