Wood Chips for Garden

Best Wood Chips for Garden – Top 5 Selection

Though most newbie gardeners think that wood chips only use to enhance the aesthetics of the garden, or you can think it may be used only for controlling weed growth. Yes, that’s true! But these are the very primary purpose of the wood chips for vegetable garden.

Wood chips are not only used for these two things, but it has some other aspects to using the best wood chips for garden. First off, it enriches the soil and enhances the moisture-holding capacity.

Moreover, some mulch helps to reduce plant diseases. And you can use such wood chips for pet bedding as well.

There are different types of wood chips in the market. Here we come up with some top-rated wood chips so that you aren’t confused with the inferior ones. Let’s check them out!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Pine Bark 100% Natural 4qt Wood Chips
Pine Bark 100% Natural 4qt Wood ChipsCheck Price

Amish Aromatic Cedar Natural Wood Chips
Amish Aromatic Cedar Natural Wood ChipsCheck Price

Vundahboah Amish Cedar Organic Bedding Chips
Vundahboah Amish Cedar Organic Bedding ChipsCheck Price

MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored 42 qt Chips for Gardening
MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored 42 qt Chips for GardeningCheck Price

Rio Hamza Houseplant Small bark Wood Chips
Rio Hamza Houseplant Small bark Wood ChipsCheck Price

Best Wood Chips for Garden Reviews

In this segment, we have demonstrated the selected wood chips mulch with a detailed review. So, you can easily know about their use and find the best wood mulch. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

1. Pine Bark 100% Natural 4qt Wood Chips

When you need a long-lasting mulching solution for your garden, then you must choose some bark mulch. In this case, Rio Hamza brought a bark mulch which is collected from pine bark.

Whether you are growing vegetables, fruits or flowers, you can use the pine bark mulch in your garden. After using it, you will notice that it naturally enriches the soil. Besides, it also helps to prevent weed growth.

The main benefit of having this pine bark is its formulation.

Rio Hamza has collected these barks from the pine trees that are 100% natural. As a result, it would be the best natural soil enricher for the garden.

Most Liking Features

When we opened up the pack, we found a very dry bark. It comes in completely drying. Thus, it will never attract any insects. So, you can use the bark for indoor plants or terrariums too.

Probable Drawbacks

If the pack is quite moist, then there is a chance to have little insects on some barks.

Key Features

  • Collected the barks from pine wood
  • Ensured 100% natural barks
  • Dried enough that can be used instantly
  • Applicable for containers, terrariums and outdoor plants

2. Amish Aromatic Cedar Natural Wood Chips

For those who are looking for the best wood chips for vegetable garden or shavings for multipurpose use, there is a good collection for them. Let’s take a look at what it offers!

Amish Aromatic is a kind of wood shaving that is manufactured by Woodchucks. They have produced these home depot mulches out of cedar wood. As a result, you will enjoy a natural scent out of these shavings.

As we mentioned, it is a multipurpose chip; yes, it is.

You can not only use these shavings for plants, but also you use the same shaving for pets’ bedding. Definitely! Your pet will enjoy the bed most.

If you always prefer the quantity, you can choose this pack. Because in terms of quantity, it is a great pack for gardening.

Most Liking Features

What we most like about the pack is its natural scent. The smell is quite evident, that it lasts for a long time. Sometimes, it works as an insect repellent too.

Probable Drawbacks

Sometimes, these shavings contain sawdust which is very harmful to the respiratory system.

Key Features

  • Produced from natural cedar woods
  • Contains a natural scent of cedar
  • Can be used for most the plants
  • Cedar shavings are good for pet bedding

3. Vundahboah Amish Cedar Organic Bedding Chips

If you really prefer cedar wood chips and are looking for an affordable pack, then hold on a sec. Now we are coming with a pack that is full of natural shaving within a reasonable price.

After using the chips, it will retain the water holding capacity of the soil. Besides, it is quite helpful in preventing weed growth. Plus, it works as an insect repellent to some extent.

When we have opened the pack, we were blown away by its vivid scent. As it is produced from natural wood, the scent stays a little longer than other chips.

Besides using the plants, you can use these chips for pet bedding. Your dogs, cats or even owls enjoy the bedding due to its softness and the natural scent. You may also be interested in some of the wood mulch for vegetable garden from our list.

Most Liking Features

After using these shaves for a week, we have confirmed that it is full of nature. And we haven’t found any chemical contamination, spraying or any coating on these chips. So, you can undoubtedly use these chips on your indoor and outdoor plants.

Probable Drawbacks

When the wind is high, it might blow away if you use them on the outdoor plants because these shavings’ weight is too light.

Key Features

  • Made out of cedar woods
  • Emits a natural cedar scent
  • No coating or chemicals added
  • Most suitable for pet bedding

4. MIGHTY109 Raging Red Colored 42 qt Chips for Gardening

Even if you are not yet finding your expected wooded chips, then stop your searching right here. Now we are introducing a search-ending wood chip that will never let you down by its performance.

Though these wood chips got a bold red color while manufacturing, that doesn’t mean it is not a natural product. MIGHTY109 has collected them from forest wood. And the color they have used in these chips are not harmful at all.

After using these wood chips for a week, you will see how they neutralized the soil temperature.

Besides, it also helps to maintain the soil moisture.

The weed controlling capacity of these chips are quite good. After using the chips once, you will never experience any weed on the grounds. Thus, some gardeners use it as a weed controller.

Most Liking Features

There is no apprehension about blowing out chips after using them outdoors because the weight and size of these chips are quite considerable. So, you can cover the whole ground with these red chips. Indeed, it will enhance the aesthetic of your garden.

Probable Drawbacks

The cost of the pack would be quite high for some of the users.

Key Features

  • Works as a weed controller
  • Never blow away while using on outside
  • Balance the soil temperatures and moisture
  • Bold red color enhancing the aesthetic of the garden

5. Rio Hamza Houseplant Small bark Wood Chips

Are you looking for the best wood chips for garden, especially for indoor plants? Then you don’t need to search around. Rio Hamza brought small bark chips for potting plants.

After using these barks on the container, you will notice it reduces water evaporation. As a result, it will also enhance the moisture-holding capacity.

Even, it will even reduce the watering on plants if you are from a tropical region.

For other extreme seasons like summer and winter, these wood chips work as an insulator since it protects the plant from summer overheating and winter freezing.

Choosing these wood chips would be a good option for the patio plants. You can use them on potted plants. Besides its beneficial performance, it will ensure the aesthetic of your potted plants.

Most Liking Features

One thing that is very noticeable about these chips is their long-lasting performance. Usually, it stays longer on the plants than any other mulch. That’s why we love these bark chips for garden.

Probable Drawbacks

Each piece is quite small that wouldn’t be perfect for using on an outdoor garden bed.

Key Features

  • Perfect for house plant
  • Size of the bark is small
  • Suitable for any season to use
  • Improve moisture retention

Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Chips for Garden

Best Wood Chips for Garden

Since you choose the wood chips not only for plant aesthetic but also to ensure plant benefits. In this case, you must consider some basic factors of the wood chips before buying.

That’s why we have designed this buying guide section, to let you know what to consider beforehand and how to easily find out the best wood chips to use for a garden box. Let’s move on!

Perfect Mulch Type

Since there are different types of mulch available in the market, such as chips, shaving, barks and straw, and different plants prefer different wood chips altogether. In this case, you should prefer small barks and wood-shaving mostly for indoor plants.

Chemical Contamination

Though most of the wood chips are coming from natural wood, sometimes, the manufacturer contaminated these chips with some chemical. For example, you will find some chip that comes with chemical spray on it or a chemical coating.

If you get such mulch by chance, it will not only harm your plants but it is equally harmful to your family and pets. So, you must be sure whether it contains chemicals.

Avoid Critter Pack

We have found some packs of wood chips that come with some unwanted critters. It is quite bothersome and harmful for indoor use. It happens when the chips are old in the pack.

So, you should always try to get a fresh pack. In that case, you can take a look at the review section before buying any wood mulch.

Multipurpose use

You may know wood chips are only used for covering the plants. Besides that, it has some other uses. For example, you can use the same shaving or chips for pet bedding: even birds and chickens like these chips.

Besides, sometimes gardeners use the same mulch for making compost. Thus, choose a multipurpose pack that will serve you the most.

There is one more use of wood chips to enhance the aesthetic of the garden. In fact, some mulch is good to look at, and it will enhance the beauty of the garden if you evenly spread it over the garden bed.

How & Why I Use Wood Chip Mulch in the Garden?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these wood chips for pet bedding?

Yes, you can. Indeed, these chips are a good source of pet bedding. Plus, the manufacturer also recommends the chips for bird bedding. So, you can use them for owl or chicken bedding too.

2. Are these chips contaminated with chemicals?

It depends on the manufacturer.

Well! We have noticed that some packs come with chemical-based chips, which are equally harmful to humans and animals. Plus, some chips are sprayed with chemicals, and some shaving comes with a chemical coating.

3. What kind of wood chips are suitable for an outdoor garden?

You have to choose the type of mulch for an outdoor garden. Because if you use the chips or wood shaving for the outdoor garden, then chances are higher to blow away by the wind.

4. How can I choose the best wood chips for garden paths?

There are some facts you must consider beforehand. First, check whether it contains chemicals or not. And choose the perfect type of mulch that the plant’s want.

5. What kind of wood chips are bad for gardens?

There are some plant’s chips that are harmful to plants, such as black walnut, eucalyptus and tree of heaven because such plants exude some allelochemicals that can prevent germination or burn the plant.

Final Words

If you want a completely healthy garden and need to enhance the water holding capacity of the soil, then there is no alternative to using wood chips in the garden.

That’s why you should not compromise with the quality of the mulch and always stand with the best wood chips for garden.

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