How do you Plant a Weed Seed

How do you Plant a Weed Seed? Quiet and Reliable Guide for 2022

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Some people prefer to buy their own cannabis seeds from the store, and sure it might be convenient for you to do that, but here is the thing, doing it yourself can be super convenient.

In this guide, we will learn how do you plant a weed seed and what steps you need to be extra careful about so that everything goes according to plan.

Let’s understand how you can grow a weed seed through different methods and varieties. The thing here is that cannabis can be grown from either a seed or a clone. Seeds are the carriers of a wide variety of genetic information.

If you are planning to grow cannabis seeds commercially, you should choose seeds of one strain and the best plant possible.

With all that out of the way, let’s discover the true methods of growing cannabis/weed plants.

What is the difference between weed seeds and clones?

What is the difference between weed seeds and clones?

The glaring difference between the two is that, obviously, a seed is a seed and a clone is a technique that allows you to reproduce the plant through cloning. Cloning is a cutting technique that is taken from a plant that is genetically identical in nature.

Growing your weed plant from seed can provide you with a multitude of benefits, including a much stronger and healthier plant having more resistant genetics down the line.

Apart from all of this, seeds also have a much stronger taproot which allows the plant to stay more resistant to all types of weather conditions and anything that challenges its structural integrity.

Weed seeds have both male and female characteristics, and the female seeds have a slight upper hand, and that allows them only to grow buds and the others can’t. Male seeds have pollen sacs for reproduction which allows them to pollinate the females.

Cloning is useful if you want to create the exact copy of the seeds you want to harvest, but if you don’t retrieve a clone during the flower’s vegetative state, you are bound to run into problems getting one.

How to actually sow and plant a weed seed

How to actually sow and plant a weed seed

This is that section of the guide that everyone has eagerly waited for, so let’s learn how do you plant a weed seed?

You have two options or settings you can use to plant your seeds, you can either choose to do It indoors, or you can even choose to germinate your seeds outside in your wonderful garden; the choice is completely up to you.

The indoor method of How do you plant a weed seed?

The indoor method of How do you plant a weed seed

Let’s take a look at the indoor method first. With the indoor method, you will need the following items or equipment:

  • A small pack of cannabis seeds
  • Plastic container with a lid and 2 plates
  • Paper towels or very thin paper cloths
  • A spray bottle

Once you have gathered all these things and are all good and ready, it’s time to get these ready for indoor germination. This generally takes anywhere from 7 hours to 12 days, depending on the amount of sunlight you have in your house.


  • Grab a wide rectangular container and place your paper towel in there.
  • The next step is to add your seeds to begin the process of germinating them.
  • The environment inside the container must remain dark, humid, and damp at all times. Otherwise, this method won’t work.
  • The next thing you want to do is to place your container in a warm place for some time.
  • You need to open the container after every few hours and thoroughly spray the seeds with spray until they begin sprouting.
  • You need to make sure that the napkin is slightly moist but not weeping wet, which will be overkill for the seeds.
  • When you begin to see the taproot and the seed together, transfer these seeds and everything in a cup or a different vessel to continue growing them.
  • Now you can finally make use of your favorite plant pots to completely finish growing these weed plants and enjoy your first yield.

The outdoor of method How do you plant a weed seed?

The outdoor of method How do you plant a weed seed

The only real difference with the outdoor method is that you only need to plant these outside, and they will harness the direct energy of the sun. There are many advantages of growing weed seeds outside as well, so let’s take a look at those.

Growing weed seeds outdoors is going to produce a much greater output overall, and with that, you get much more control over them, and it is higher than indoors.

Obviously, the high amount of yields is going to allow you to greater control your costs more because, in one small period, you can grow much greater weed plants, thereby decreasing the overall cost.

Growing weed seeds outdoors makes you feel like a pro, and there is nothing better than doing something you love; and if this is your passion, you are absolutely going to love it.

Just make sure to choose an outdoor setting that has plenty of sunlight because these plants will need at least a constant 7 to 8 hours of constant sunlight.

Few breezes here and there are good for the plants, but if they are too much, you should consider yourself shifting to a place with a low to moderate breeze or some area that has fencing or something to protect the plant.

Final Words

do you plant a weed seed

That concludes it all, and now you know how do you plant a weed seed. Planting a weed seed is a true art form and especially for those people who don’t like going to the store and buying weed.

This can add soo much value to you because the high amount of weed yields will allow you to save so much money in the long run. Now people won’t judge you for buying weed at the store when you can do it all by yourself at home with much greater control.

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