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Best Cordless Fence Stapler – 5 High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

While the fence gets a lot of attention, we often tend to overlook the quality of the stapler. Doing so hampers the overall longevity of the fencing.

Installing excellent staples will strengthen your fence against outside pressure. Ultimately, it contributes to longevity as well. For that, it is crucial to invest in the best cordless fence stapler.

Nevertheless, picking an ergonomic fence stapler from the available alternatives is a tedious process.

Don’t worry! To make your purchase plain sailing, our experts have curated fence staplers available in the market.

Continue reading to explore the specifications of each product. That will assist you in selecting a specific one.

What is Fence Stapler?

What is Fence Stapler

In general, a fence stapler comes as a replacement for a traditional hammer and nail. It is an uncomplicated setup that pierces nails to most given surfaces.

A nail gun makes it much simpler to construct a fence. Additionally, it is swift because they typically push the nails into the posts quickly.

Additionally, there are staplers and nail framers, both of which are frequently used on various materials.

However, fence staplers with large wiring are not the most feasible peak. This is where cordless staplers come to play.

Added to all other benefits, users get portability while working with a cordless fence wire stapler.

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Importance of Fence Staples

Importance of Fence Staples

The animals you’re containing certainly cause harm to the fencing you have installed. Nevertheless, it will not be wise to overlook external influences.

Trees or fallen limbs could lean on the fence’s wires. Accordingly, there’s a chance that heavy snow banks would build up along the fence line.

A fence can be examined from the outside in a variety of ways. In this regard, your greatest line of defense is a robust fence staple.

When looking for precision, there is no alternative to wire fence staplers. If you are someone who wants the nail arrangement just in the spot, fence staplers will never fail you.

Additionally, one can get sturdy nail placement with fence staples. Such hefty placement can never be achieved while using a hammer.

What comes next is the feasibility that a wire fence staple gun offers. Fence staples are quite fuss-free to operate. It has only a power button to turn the machine on and off. Therefore, there is no room for confusion.

Another important fact here is time and toil. In general, a fence staple can shoot 500 nails in one go. As a result, wire staplers will reduce the time of fence building. That too, with little work!

Added to its benefits, fence staplers check on the safety issues as well. While hammers and nails can be the reason for accidents, one can eliminate such risks using a wire stapler.

All in all, if you are a sucker for safety and precision, fence wire staples will be your best friend. Keeping this tool handy will minimize toil and risks at the same time.

If you have the budget, we recommend you invest in a fence stapler. You will not regret the purchase!

What size staples for welded wire fence?

What size staples for welded wire fence

When it comes to fixing up old fences or repairing them, the best alternative is to use commercially coated barbless fence staples. These staples are available in multiple sizes in the market.

Each shank on every staple is a standard 1 inch, 1 1/8 inch, 1 -/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch, 1-3/4 inch, and 2 inch, which makes it simpler to drive the staples into older, drier, more weathered posts.

When erecting Class 1 wire fencing, our galvanized staples are a smart option to have on hand. Every staple is galvanized to Class 1.

This galvanization protects the staples from rust for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it allows you to choose whether or not it has a barb.

The staples are available in sizes ranging from 3/4 inches to 2-1/2 inches, with increments of 1/4 inches for use with all types of wood posts.

If you are working with cattle or other wildlife and corrosive elements, the choice will be different.  In such cases, consider using tough coat premium staples for your fence. Similar goes for salty sea air or posts that have been chemically treated.

These are made to work with both Class 1 and Class 3 fence installations. Likewise, it makes the staples quite versatile.

These staples are designed to enter deeply and hold on firmly. They come with twin barbs and can be as long as 2-and-a-half inches in length.

Each staple is constructed out of wire with a gauge of eight. After that, it is coated with a zinc-aluminum combination. That will provide superior protection against rust to that provided by Class 3 galvanization.

The combination of all of these characteristics results in a staple. This either satisfies or is above the quality criteria established by ASTM A856/A856M.

Last but not least, in common applications, staples measuring 2 inches and 2-and-a-half inches are utilized to secure panels.

When working with extremely dense posts, such as hedge and cedar, use shorter staples. When working with treated pine posts, use staples measuring 1-1/2 inches and 1-3/4 inches.

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Cordless Fence Stapler Comparison Chart

Name Operation Mode Built Material Ergonomic in the Dark
KIMO Cordless Fence Stapler Automatic Plastic Yes
NEU MASTER Cordless Fence Stapler Automatic Other No
Worx WX840L Cordless Fence Stapler Manual Wood Yes
Ryobi Cordless Fence Stapler Manual Plastic, Metal No
Freeman PFS9 Cordless Fence Stapler Automatic Aluminum No

Our Top 5 Best Cordless Fence Stapler Guide for 2022

Following are a few of the stellar cordless staplers that won’t give you a tough time. Continue reading to learn more about each product.

1. KIMO 20V 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer/Stapler

Concerns of accidents while working with nail staples in the dark are nothing to overlook. For that, the KIMO fence stapler can be an easy solution.

The front-mounted LED lights act as a savior in dull or dusty conditions. Additionally, the electric nail gun has a built-in error light that troubleshoots low battery and overheating issues.

Compared to most other fence staples in the market, the KIMO fence stapler is lighter and well-balanced. Nevertheless, it doesn’t affect the sturdiness of the device.

While nail depth adjustment becomes a tedious procedure, KIMO is an exception. The manual fixing facilities make nailing easy over a variety of materials.

In some cases, users complain about its subpar initial efficacy. Herefore, we recommend a few trials before you put the stapler into action.

All in all, KIMO makes a solid entry point to the world of cordless staplers for the fence. If you are baffled by the number of options available, KIMO is going to make a safe pick.

Most liking Features

The structure being compact allows the wire fence stapler to reach the farthest corner without trouble.

Probable Drawbacks

The battery takes a while to get fully charged.

Key Features

  • Versatile utility
  • Lightweight yet sturdy built
  • Customizable nail piercing depth
  • Indicator for safety purposes

2. NEU MASTER Staple Gun Cordless

Are you looking for a cordless stapler for multifaceted usage? If so, you can try out the wireless fence stapler from NEU MASTER.

But what makes it one of the best fencing staple guns on the market? Let’s find out!

When working with NEU MASTER, a feasible lightweight structure doesn’t require mentioning. Additionally, NEU MASTER didn’t compromise on safety as well. The two-step compression-sensitive triggers allow you to assure maximum safety.

In addition to the great hand feel, NEU MASTER offers maximum ergonomics. For testing, our team used the fence stapler for over two hours. Surprisingly, there was a little inconvenience with no neck pain during the use.

Apart from that, the battery life in this stapler is satisfactory as well. Once fully charged, you can get away with the wire stapler for a day.

In conclusion, if you are on the hunt for a staple gun for the long haul, NEU MASTER is the way to go. That too, without hurting your pocket!

Most liking Features

NEU MASTER comes with an option to insulate the noise of nail staplers. From now on, no more headaches!

Probable Drawbacks

On uneven surfaces, NEU MASTER shows a subpar performance.

Key Features

  • Soundproofing facilities
  • Substantial battery life
  • No issues of neck pain
  • Optimal weight balance

3. Worx WX840L 20V Power Share Cordless 18 Gauge Nail

Finding a cordless wire stapler that works can be tedious. Therefore, we have got a convenient solution for your needs- Worx WX840L stapler.

To be true, it is preposterous to expect a day-round output from the fence stapler. Nevertheless, Worx WX840L comes with an easy backup solution.

The fast charging facilities allow you to recharge the gear during your breaks or power naps. Hence, no more issues with power cuts!

On top, the cordless stapler offers two different firing modes- one sequential and the other rapid. That way, the stapler can cater to a large group of users.

In the first place, the stapler might appear to be a bit hefty. Nonetheless, the tool pattern contributes to the even weight distribution.

By all means, Worx WX840L will make a handsome pair with your toolbox. If you expect versatile operation from your fence stapler, Worx WX840L will not disappoint you.

Most liking Features

Worx WX840L features an LED light facet which makes it compatible to work in the dark.

Probable Drawbacks

The nails that come with the kit are not up to par.

Key Features

  • Operates with different stapler sizes
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Fast charging facility
  • Efficient performance in dark

4. Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Compression Drive 3/8 in. Crown Stapler

If you are acquainted with fencing activities, you probably have heard about Ryobi. With consistent functionality and durability, Ryobi fence stapler is a cult favorite.

But what makes Ryobi one of the best cordless fence stapler on market? Let’s find out!

One of the common issues with manual staplers is the lack of ergonomy. Nevertheless, Ryobi withstands the trouble with their stapler.

The aluminum built body makes it lightweight and ultimately contributes to feasible usage. So no more hand aches after work!

While working in bulk, carrying a lot of tools can become a hassle. This is when Ryobi cordless stapler comes to the rescue. This battery powered fence stapler offers multiple cell compatibility for improved feasibility.

Now, let’s look into its efficacy. The nail placement with Ryobi is accurate and deep enough to hold for a long period. Surprisingly, this tool will last you for years. That too, with zero performance drop.

All in all, this fencing stapler commercial-grade tool. Hence, we recommend using the Ryobi stapler for professional usage. So, invest accordingly.

Most liking Features

Even though the pricing is relatively low, the Ryobi fence wire provides substantial precision with no effort.

Probable Drawbacks

At times, the staple pins may get stuck inside the feeder.

Key Features

  • Commercial grade stapler
  • Aluminum for lightweight built
  • No issues of hand ache
  • Pocket-friendly pricing

5. Freeman PFS9 Pneumatic 9-Gauge 2″ Fencing Stapler

Are you done with jammed nails inside the stapler? If so, then Freeman PFS9 fence stapler can be your probable solution for your fencing.

To solve the nail jamming issue, Freeman PFS9 has a latch in the stapler. That allows for a quick release and removes any form of jamming.

The pattern of the stapler deserves a separate mention. Unlike any other, this fence stapler comes in a compact design. That allows the user to have enhanced mobility.

Besides the primary handle, this stapler comes with an additional handle. For that, users get extra support for a better grip.

Other than that, the pricing is an advantage as well. In contrast to most other cattle fencing clippers, Freeman PFS9 is pocket friendly. However, that doesn’t affect the performance by any means.

Considering every aspect of the device, Freeman PFS9 makes a heavy-duty tool for fencing. If you want a stapler to set up a fence only, we will recommend investing in it.

Most liking Features

The magazine holder in the lid allows users to count remaining nails and reload accordingly.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users may find the fence stapler pattern afflictive.

Key Features

  • Improved gripping options
  • Magazine on top for easy loading
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Innovative design to reduce hand load

Things to Consider Before Buying Cordless Fence Stapler

Best Cordless Fence Stapler

Going wrong with the selection of wireless fence stapler is pretty simple. Nevertheless, following up on a few facets will assist you to choose the best nail guns for fencing.


When you are opting for a cordless DeWalt fence stapler, you are probably looking for portability. However, mobility doesn’t come from solely omitting the cord. Here’s more to that.

For optimal transportability, the gear must be lightweight. Apart from that, a stapler with even weight distribution comes with optimal working feasibility.

Battery life

Along with portability, it is primary for a cellular fence stapler to have substantial battery life. Elsewise, the portability will not come to play effectively.

Before you invest in a DeWalt cordless fencing staple, it is imperative to check on the battery life. As per our observation, a decent fence stapler will have a battery backup of 2-2.5 hours.

Nevertheless, mishaps do happen. For that, we suggest keeping a portable charge handy for day-long projects.

Type of Fence

On a wood fence, a stapler is ineffective. Metal fencing wouldn’t be a good candidate for nail guns.

Users should decide on a staple gun for fencing made of wood and mesh wire. If you like, you can also go with a combination stapler/nailer. This style of fencing is frequently used on farms to hold agricultural animals including pigs, cows, and others.

If you’re installing traditional lightweight wire mesh fencing, you’ll undoubtedly need a staple gun. But once more, a brad nail/staple gun combination can be used to aid in assembling the fence.

For all types of wooden fences, there is no alternative framing nailer. They can firmly secure hardwood by driving nails into it. For seclusion or other purposes, these fences are the finest.

Length of Fence

While the area for fencing might come up as a secondary factor, we suggest not doing so. Picking a stapler tool as per the area for fencing will make your task plain sailing.

Are you working on a large backyard or a large property? You should look for something lightweight and portable.

Are you only working on one side of the yard? If so, then using a stronger nail or staple gun will offer you much feasibility.

Miscellaneous Usage

Once you know how to operate a fence stapler effectively, the possible usages are beyond limits. Maybe you’ll need this tool for other tasks like building a shed if you plan to do more than just fence in the future. You’ll get a return on your investment then.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How much grip power is required to operate the stapler?

When using the best fence stapler, you will need very little hand strength to operate it. The stapler will do most of the work for its user.

2. What is the dissimilarity between 16ga and 18ga?

The contrast between 16ga and 18ga lies in the thickness of the nail wire. With increasing numbers, the thickness of the nail decreases.

3. Does the cordless stapler have a power adjustment?


Most wireless fence stapler comes with a power switch only. However, the absence of power adjustment does not hamper the functionality.

4. Can I use insulated staples with my cordless stapler?


In most cases, insulated staples work out with a cordless stapler. Nevertheless, we recommend going for a trial before putting it to work.

5. Is it possible to use the 9 gauge staple gun over plywood?


You can use any cordless stapler over different kinds of woods. All you need to do is to adjust the force as per the texture of the wood.

6. Can I find rechargeable batteries for my wire fence staple gun?


Rechargeable batteries for staple guns are widely available in the market. You can keep one handy as a backup. However, the battery of the stapler does a substantial job itself.

7. How many stapling can be fired from a single charge?

Once fully charged, the stapler can shoot up to 500 staplers. Nonetheless, the number may vary from a stapler to stapler.

8. What is the process to refill the stapler magazine?

The low nail indicator beeps to show the time to refill. To refill, flip out the latch. Now, take out the magazine and fill it up with nails. Usually, it takes 105 nails to fill the magazine up.

9. What is the charging procedure for a cordless stapler?

Charging cordless stapler is no different from any other electronic device. You can either recharge the stapler with a cell or you can replace the battery time to time.

Final Words

Those were our selections for cordless fence wire stapler. Nevertheless, not all will serve you perfectly. You might need to experiment with a few devices before settling on one.

However, listing down your preferences will come in handy. Checking the primary requirements and going thereby will assist you to pick the best cordless fence stapler for yourself.

Additionally, it is crucial to assure in apt maintenance and regular charging for the fence stapler. That will allow you to get optimal output from the gadget.

With that, we come to the end of today’s discussion. All that is left is to get on the work and hit some nails!