Fence Mount for GoPro

Best Fence Mount for GoPro – Top 5 Models Revealed!

Keeping your action camera steady on uneven roads or amidst heavy winds might get challenging. That can be a massive obstacle between you and your desired snap.

This is where a camera mount comes to play. A principle mount will help in assuring image stability and steady focus. Hence, ignoring the best fence mount for GoPro can affect your shots to a greater extent.

There are a wide variety of options available for action camera mounts. Each of them serves a specific requisite. So, going through in-depth market research helps in making the right purchase.

In this article, we will share our top five action camera fence mounts for versatile needs. Continue reading to find one for yourself!

What would be the best way to mount my GoPro onto a fence?

What would be the best way to mount my GoPro onto a fence

As the name implies, enables you to capture images and videos by mounting your GoPro on a fence. In most cases, photographers use GoPro hero 9 fence mount for sports events.

There is no hard and fast rule to mounting a GoPro. You can simply follow the manual to get an up-to-par adjustment. Nevertheless, novices might find following the manual perplexing.

With that in consideration, our experts have designed an easy-going mounting method.

To make the process easy to follow, we have broken down the procedure into several steps. Continue reading to explore the most feasible method for mounting your GoPro to a fence!

Step 1:

If there is a screw included, use it to secure your camera cover to the mount.

Step 2:

This step will vary depending on the kind of fence mount. With the use of a fence clip, chain link, or clamp mount, secure the mount to the fence.

Step 3:

If you are using a fence clip, you will need to secure it now. For this task, you can use a thumbscrew.

Step 4:

In the end, adjust the lens after placing your GoPro within the camera cover.

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no set of rules to install a fence mount. Ours is simply a guideline. With a few trials, you will be able to find a way that works best for you.

How to install the Fence Hero Lite universal GoPro chain link fence mount?

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Fence Mount for GoPro Comparison Chart

Product NameBuilt MaterialCompatible DeviceWater Resistance
Suptig Fence Mount for GoProPlasticGoPro Hero 10, CameraYes
MEINUOKE Fence Mount for GoProFabric, MetalCamerasNo
KOQEIEY Fence Mount for GoProPlastic, NylonCameras Cell phone GoPro, Phone, Mevo StartYes
Proanko Fence Mount for GoProMetalI Phone, CameraNo
Matare Fence Mount for GoProMetal, PlasticCamerasNo

Best Fence Mount for GoPro Review

There are several different GoPro Fence Mounts on the market. Here, we have listed our top five. You can pick which of these products is best for you with the aid of the reviews for each of the products.

1. Suptig Jaws Flex Clamp Mount Gooseneck Mount for GoPro

Suptig Jaws Flex Clamp Mount Gooseneck Mount for GoPro

Novices in the world of GoPro are undoubtedly perplexed with the available options. And when it is about setting up a traditional fence mount, it can get intimidating.

Instead, going for something like Suptig mount will work better for you. As opposed to a regular fence mount, this does not require any nuts and screws to put the mount in place.

In addition, the gooseneck provides maximum flexibility to the user. That way, consumers will get a room for angle adjustments as per individual needs.

Nevertheless, what makes this action camera fence mount special is its versatility. Whether it is a GoPro or a cellphone, the Suptig mount has got your back.

If you are a beginner under a tight budget, the Suptig backstop camera mount is the right way to go. For the price, the functionality won’t disappoint you.

Most liking Features

The clamp holds on to the device with zero issues of hitching. That way, there is no room for hazy snaps.

Probable Drawbacks

The ball joints of the gooseneck are quite flimsy.

Key Features

  • Convenient to install
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Ample flexibility
  • Stable clamp to grab any surface

2. Action Camera Chain Link Fence Mount for Gopro

Action Camera Chain Link Fence Mount for Gopro

Are you on the hunt for the best GoPro mount for fence which is easy to mount? If so, nothing can beat MEINUOKE.

MEINUOKE mount is lightweight and easy to adjust to the desired angle. As it allows you to unmount your camera quickly, changing the angle and focus of your shots is no sweat!

Even though the mount clips may seem a bit flimsy, it is sturdy enough to withstand wind. Users will not need to worry about the positioning of the camera. Plus, you can replace the clips whenever necessary.

With easy installation, there comes some downside as well. As MEINUOKE specializes in working with compact cameras, users will not get exceptional flexibility.

Nevertheless, MEINUOKE is a congenial fence mount pick within budget. If the ability to quickly mount and unmount is a top priority, this mount is ideal for you.

Most liking Features

MEINUOKE backstop chain link mount takes only seconds to clip to the fence.

Probable Drawbacks

The clips of the mount are a bit flimsy.

Key Features

  • Compact and convenient for traveling
  • Sustainable built material
  • Highly adaptable to every action camera
  • Easy implementation

3. Koqeiey Net/Chain Link Action Camera Fence Mount Fence

Koqeiey Net/Chain Link Action Camera Fence Mount Fence

Are you facing trouble in using the same mount for your action camera and mobile? Don’t fret! KOQEIEY offers a one-stop solution for you.

In addition to a regular camera holder, there is a separate claw for the phone. That way, users get the perfect attachment for every gadget.

Although there is some assembly required, putting the entire device together isn’t too tough. All the parts of the mount can be adjusted within minutes.

When it comes to efficacy, KOQEIEY offers a decent output. Once mounted, the tool remains stable.

Plus, you can get multiple angle adjustments without changing the position. Even though this GoPro mount works up to par, we don’t recommend it for professional use.

For the most part, KOQEIEY is a substantial choice for fence mount. For beginners with little shooting experience, this mount will provide a satisfactory output.

Most liking Features

Water splashes have little to zero effect on this KOQEIEY DIY camera fence mount.

Probable Drawbacks

There always remains a gap between the mount and the fence.

Key Features

  • Chain link fence mount
  • Adaptable bracket for angle adjustments
  • Additional mount for mobile
  • Resistant to water splashes

4. Action Camera Fence Mount Metal Camera Fence Mount

Action Camera Fence Mount Metal Camera Fence Mount

When picking a mini or compact mount, users often question its functionality. For them, Proanko will not be a disappointment.

Since the built material of this miniature mount is metal, many might be skeptical about its durability. However, we did not notice any rusting or scratches in our long-term usage. Plus, there is no jiggling as well.

The individual cellphone clip gets the perfect fit for every device. From now on, no more ill-fitted hazy captures!

However, the best GoPro chain link fence mount DIY has a few drawbacks. Proanko mount is no exception. This fence mount falls behind in providing ample ergonomy to work with phones.

For anyone who is looking for a fence mount solely for an action camera, this is the way to go. With this camera mount in hand, you won’t need to worry about outdoor or indoor shoots.

Most liking Features

The best fence mount for GoPro facet in this case is height adjustability.

Probable Drawbacks

Not the most suitable pick for phones.

Key Features

  • Zero rusting
  • No issues with hitching
  • Flexible for panoramic shots
  • Adjustable mount height

5. High Angle Fence Mount for GoPro Phone

High Angle Fence Mount for GoPro Phone

Adjusting the angle with a camera mount is nothing new. But when it comes to height adjustments, options are limited. Matare is one of the few.

Beneath the bracket, there is a puller to shorten or elongate the mount. As a result, the photographer will get maximum adjustments for his desired shot. Which in turn, will result in a stellar shot.

In addition to the angle and height customization, Matare offers more. Users get feasibility in getting panoramic shots. That surely opens up a lot of alleys.

While many might find this miniature GoPro mount flimsy, we would disagree. Even though the iPhone fence mount has a bit of an issue with hitching, that can be dealt with proper mounting.

Overall, for anyone who is going to shoot with a camera, the Matare mount will give substantial support.

Most liking Features

Despite being a metal-built structure, the weight distribution makes Matare a lightweight mount.

Probable Drawbacks

The manual is not the most convenient one to follow.

Key Features

  • Compact and portable
  • Maximum scope for customization
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy bracket

Things to Consider Before Buying fence mount for GoPro

Best Fence Mount for GoPro

It is simpler to become confused when buying the best GoPro mount for fence for the first time. We have created this buying guide to help you better grasp the things you require.

Check out the items listed here for the GoPro fence mount and adjust it to meet your needs.

If you’re still unsure, this guide to choosing a GoPro fence mount will undoubtedly assist you.

Water Resistance

Sometimes, lack of water resistance is the only barrier to getting stellar underwater shots. For that, picking a waterproof GoPro hero 10 fence mount is a must.

It’s not just underwater, sudden rains may cause similar damage to your mount. Hence, our pick will be to opt for stainless steel or nylon-based mounts.

Built Material

No matter whichever mount you pick, it should ideally be lightweight and portable. On that account, looking into the built material is primary.

In the case of metal, my suggestion will be to opt for something made out of aluminum. Steel will make the structure sturdy, but not portable.

Elsewise, you can also get plastic and nylon based camera mounts. Sturdy plastic mounts can be an option as well.

Additional Facets

There are numerous GoPro fence mounts on the market, each with its own set of features. The GoPro fence mounts with all the features you seek will provide you with numerous benefits.

For that, we recommend you opt for in-depth research. This will help you to determine which product is the best fit for your needs and provides the full range of features.


We are a firm believer in the saying- “cut your coat according to your cloth.” A wide variety of camera mounts are available in the market. And most definitely, they are of different price ranges.

Needless to say, a higher price tag will bring new and improved facets. Such inputs surely make your task a lot easier.

However, we discovered that cost and effectiveness aren’t always related. The most premium product might not match up to your needs. Hence, it is necessary to examine the features and durability before making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I add more sections to make the mount longer?


You can customize the length of the GoPro spider fence mount as per your requirements. We advise buying two sets of jaws to connect if you need to lengthen the gooseneck.

2. Is a mesh net compatible with the fence mount?


With the right clipping tools, you can attach your GoPro to any mesh net. The key is t find a compatible mount clip.

3. Are there any mounting instructions available?

There is no specified rule for mounting the tool to a fence. You can find a method that is convenient for you. Besides, you can follow our guidelines on way to mount GoPro onto a fence as well.

4. How can I move the camera into the proper position?

– There are two steps to get a stand-by position with your fence mount. Firstly, check if the mount is clipped in place or not. Next, make sure the screw is set properly with the camera or phone.

5. Is there any chance of a ball contacting with the GoPro?


The risk factor of a ball hitting the camera lies in where you place it. Experts suggest mounting the camera on the exterior of the net. That brings down the risk factor to zero.

6. Does the Mevo Start support the mounts of the list?

Almost all the GoPro mounts will withstand the weight of a Mevo Start. To get a satisfactory hold, pick a mount that is hefty and has a strong grip.

7. Do I need to get the nails and screws separately?


Most of the GoPro mounts come with a set of screws and nuts for the mount setup. Still and all, we recommend you have some spare nuts handy.

8. Is there a case included or do I need to purchase one for mounting?

The buying of a mount case depends on the brand you opt for. While some brands provide a case while others don’t. Hence, check the box after buying and proceed accordingly.

Final Word

Fence Mount

With that, we come to an end to today’s article. We hope our selection of fence mounts helped you to pick one. All you need to do is check on your necessities and pick one tool accordingly.

Nevertheless, getting the best fence mount for GoPro is not the way to get the best shots. Surely, it helps one to get steady and instant shots, but honing on skills is crucial. Your expertise will reward you with the best sporting snaps.

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