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Best Tree Tubes: Check Our Top Picks Now!

Tree tubes are an essential accessory when you are planting trees. As their name suggests, tree protectants or tree to tubs are designed to create a shield against animals, insects, and natural disasters.

These tubes are transparent, medium-sized cylinders that allow light passage to the seedling. At the same time, it prevents the young plants from external injuries.

However, finding the in-order tree protector tubes is crucial for overall plant health. So, it is imperative to choose the most fitted tree guards for any given plant. Nevertheless, finding one is not easy.

To make the task simple, we have handpicked the best tree tubes that are available on market. The pricing is decent as well.

Let’s explore the tree protector tubes!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Non-Typical Food Plots 60
Non-Typical Food Plots 60" Miracle Tree TubeCheck Price

Smart Spring Plant and Tree Guard Protector
Smart Spring Plant and Tree Guard ProtectorCheck Price

Orchard Innovations Tree Shield Grow Tube
Orchard Innovations Tree Shield Grow TubeCheck Price

Tree Pro 60 Inches Slit Tube Tree Guard
Tree Pro 60 Inches Slit Tube Tree GuardCheck Price

Our Top 4 Best Tree Tubes Reviews & Buying Guide

Following products are our picks for the tree tubes. We recommend comparing the pros and cons of each product before picking a tree tube.

1. Non-Typical Food Plots 60″ Miracle Tree Tube

Even though stability is a prerequisite for tree protectors, very few can do that. Nontypical food plots tree Protector are one of them.

While you might need to worry about the stability of many best tree tubes for fruit trees, the case is different here. The tree guards come with pre-inserted zip ties for external support.

Another cool facet of these tubes is their availability in various numbers. Whether you are planting in pots or a yard, you can pick them in your desired quantity.

All in all, the utility of the nontypical food plots tubes is up to par. If you are tired of looking for tubes on a budget, then these tubes might be your way out.

Most liking Features

While many might claim, these tubes effectively block the growth of weeds.

Probable Drawbacks

At times, the sizing of the guards might be inconsistent.

Key Features

  • Holds back weed growth
  • Zip ties for stability
  • Multiple package options
  • Pocket friendly

2. Smart Spring Plant and Tree Guard Protector

Are you worried about finding a tree guard for your fruit trees? If yes, then you can give tree to tub from smart spring a try.

With these tubes, you get the flexibility to join two or more tubes. That allows you to widen the structure as per your requirement. On that account, these tree guards can double up as a fence as well.

The mesh-like pattern all over the tube ensures maximum ventilation. Herefore, there are no worries about the fungal attack or moisture deposition.

If you are looking for tree growing tubes to use in your backyard, Smart Spring tubes won’t disappoint you. The convenient installation method makes it adjustable for all the family members.

Most liking Features

Although the tree guards are perforated, they are not pliable by any means.

Probable Drawbacks

These tree-growing tubes are not ideal for creepers.

Key Features

  • Offers customizable utility
  • Expandable tube for trees
  • Holes for air ventilation
  • Easy to install

3. Orchard Innovations Tree Shield Grow Tube

Beginners in gardening often struggle to fix the tree guards. To make the task easy-going, preset tree growing tubes like Orchard Innovations tubes can be an easy way out.

As these tree protectors come fixed, you can take them out and use them whenever you want. When it comes to the built quality, there is no scope to question these tree protectors.

With proper usage and maintenance, these guards will last you for years.

Although we found a few of the tree protector tubes to be defective, there was no deviation in performance. However, we do not recommend stacking them up.

Overall, if you want no-brainer, fuss-free tree growing tubes, then look no further. Investing in these tree protector tubes will take you a long way.

Most liking Features

Orchard Innovations tree growth tubes come with minimum number of snapping issues.

Probable Drawbacks

These tubes leave little room for customization.

Key Features

  • Beginner-friendly set up
  • Minimized snapping issues
  • Sturdy construction for stability
  • Ready to use

4. Tree Pro 60 Inches Slit Tube Tree Guard

How exciting it is to witness a plant growing out of a seedling! We value your feelings and therefore, our next pick for tree growth tubes is from Tree Pro.

The semi-transparent material of these tubes allows observing the growth and health of the plant without any difficulties.

As the tree guards come without any instructions, the installation becomes tiring. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the fact that Tree Pro manufactures a few of the best tree tubes on market.

If you are using these tree protectors, we recommend you use a mesh covering on the top.

That will minimize the attack of wasps and other flies. After all, we cannot compromise on the safety of the seedling.

Most liking Features

The wide range of sizing allows utility for a variety of plants.

Probable Drawbacks

The construction of these tubes is not beginner-friendly.

Key Features

  • Translucent tree guards
  • Apt for professional usage
  • Varied size range
  • Sustainable in all weather

How To Use Tree Tubes

How To Use Tree Tubes

Although you can use bulk tree tubes on deciduous trees, the tube is not suitable for shrubs or evergreen seedlings.

While picking the tree protectors, we suggest you pick the taller ones. Taller guards will guarantee more protection from deers.

In the case of perforated tubes, creepers outgrow stems through the holes. As a result, it becomes difficult to remove the tube when necessary. Solid and sturdy tubes provide stability to creepers. So, we recommend opting for those.

When you are planting a seedling, you are providing shelter to the future plant. Henceforth, countersink the tree protector tubes an inch deep inside the soil. Additionally, you can add up mesh cover to prevent wasp nesting.

The tree protectors might require some support at times. This is where zip tracks come to the rescue. Cords and stakes can be an alternative as well. Once the sapling comes out, take off the tree tube.

Considering the sustainable facet, opting for wrap-around tree growth tubes is effective. You can reuse these tubes over and over again. On the other hand, they are a sustainable alternative as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Tree Tubes

1. Can I use these tree protector tubes for large trees?

Ans: The coverage of the tree guards is dependent on their width. Larger protectors can cover certain thin trees. However, wider tree protectors are not widely available in the market.

2. Is it difficult to install tree guards?

Ans: No.

Installing tree protector tubes is quite a simple procedure. Even if you are a beginner, you can get away following the procedure in the previous sections.

3. Will these tree guards be able to prevent squirrels from climbing?

Ans: No.

The tree growth tubes are not apt to prevent squirrels from climbing. Even double lining will not be an effective solution here.

4. What is the average trunk diameter of these tree guards?

Ans: The brands manufacturing the best tree tube offer tree guards with a varied range of diameters. Nevertheless, the average diameter is 4 inches.

5. Can I cut the tree tube to my desired length?

Ans: Yes.

There are two clips on either side of the tree protectors. If you cut the tree tube into parts, you will need some strings or clips to close the ends. Hence, keep them handy.

Tips For Using Tree Shelter Tubes

Final Thoughts

best tree tubes for fruit trees

To optimize light and air passage while minimizing injuries is the primary goal of using tree guards. Herefore, choosing the best tree tubes for your seedling is imperative.

We recommend following the guideline for using tree guards for maximum utility. That way, there are lesser chances of an attack on your plants. Water the plants regularly as er requirement to get a healthy and long plant life.

Happy planting!

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