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Top 5 Best 1020 Trays – Definitive Guideline for Newbies

A seed tray is a container for sowing several seeds together. Following seed germination, seedlings continue to grow in the seed tray until they reach a size suitable for transplantation. A single seed tray may contain anything from six to over one thousand seeds!

A standard seed tray or 1020 tray is somewhat longer than 10 inches long and slightly wider than 20 inches broad. Separate compartments (cells) for each seed or set of seeds are sometimes seen in seed trays. This makes separating the seedlings for transplantation later much easier.

If you’re searching for the best 1020 trays, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’re here to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to make the best decision possible.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Living Whole Foods Perfect Garden Seed Starter Grow Trays
Living Whole Foods Perfect Garden Seed Starter Grow TraysCheck Price

TO Plastics 10 pack 1020 Plant Trays without holes
TO Plastics 10 pack 1020 Plant Trays without holesCheck Price

Bootstrap Farmer 5 Pack Extra Strength No Holes Trays
Bootstrap Farmer 5 Pack Extra Strength No Holes TraysCheck Price

Handy Pantry 5-Pack 1020 Garden Growing Trays with Drain Holes
Handy Pantry 5-Pack 1020 Garden Growing Trays with Drain HolesCheck Price

Mr. Sprout Heavy Duty 1020 Trays No Holes and Humidity Dome
Mr. Sprout Heavy Duty 1020 Trays No Holes and Humidity DomeCheck Price

Best 1020 Trays Review

Finding the best 1020 trays for your pistol seems time-consuming, doesn’t it? We’ve whittled the selection down for you. Here are the products that we believe would work best with your work. Let’s have a look at these!

1. Living Whole Foods Perfect Garden Seed Starter Grow Trays

If you are looking for a reusable and durable 1020 tray, 10 Plant Growing trays can be a great choice for you.

First of all, this product is composed of a long-lasting plastic that outlasts most other similar goods on the market. In addition, there are no drain holes on this tray. The dimensions of this tray are roughly 21″ by 11″ on the top and 20″ by 10″ on the bottom.

Again, this product is ideal for use as a drip tray because of its size and shape.

This 10 Plant Growing Tray is an excellent choice if you are searching for a tray for hydroponic growing as well as a seed starting facility.

Moreover, it is appropriate for a variety of tasks such as greenhouse, seedlings, wheatgrass production, and the production of microgreens, among others. This product may also be used more than once, which is quite convenient in a nursery setting.

In the end, based on the criteria of durability and versatile usage, 10 Plant Growing trays is one of the best plate seeders 1020 trays!

Most Liking Features

This product comes with durable raw materials that outlasts most other similar products. This tray also supports hydroponic growing.

Probable Drawbacks

This tray may lack the attachment of humidity domes.

Key Features

  • Is ideal for use as a drip tray
  • Appropriate for a variety of tasks
  • Composed of a long-lasting material
  • Comes with no drain holes

2. TO Plastics 10 pack 1020 Plant Trays without holes

If you’re searching for a heavy-duty 1020 tray, To Plastics 1020 Plant tray could be a good option for you to consider.

Firstly, this tray may be used for heavy-duty nursery labor and is made of durable materials. This is an excellent choice for developing sprouts or starting seedlings because it is lightweight. These pans can also be re-used in the future.

Furthermore, this tray is ideal for seed beginning, microgreens, hydroponic growth, and drip tray applications, among other things.

This product is without a doubt one of the most durable nursery trays now available on the market, and it comes at an affordable price.

In addition, the function of this tray is to retain the 3.5″ or 4.0″ vegetable seedlings until they are ready to be transplanted into the garden. The tray is made of black polymer, which is a synthetic substance. They are completely safe for seed germination and seedling growth.

In conclusion, To Plastics 1020 Plant Trays is one of the best trays for heavy usage in nursery purpose.

Most Liking Features

This tray is ideal for seed beginning and microgreens as well as great for developing sprouts. This product is also lightweight and durable.

Probable Drawbacks

This product may not have the benefit of reusable plastic.

Key Features

  • Used for heavy-duty nursery labor
  • Made of durable materials
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Made in USA

3. Bootstrap Farmer 5 Pack Extra Strength No Holes Trays

If you are here for the best 1020 tray for exclusive usage, we won’t disappoint you! Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Plant Trays without holes can be a great choice for you!

First of all, this product is made of plastic that can be recycled. These trays are manufactured of food-safe Polypropylene plastic, which is recyclable and compostable. There are no hazardous plasticizers used in the production of these trays. Consistency and durability are also ensured by the use of an injection molding method.

Moreover, in conjunction with high duty trays and humidity domes, this tray is the ideal solution. The flat tray is slightly broader at the top and somewhat narrower at the bottom, which allows the trays to be stacked for convenient storage. The exterior dimensions are 21 inches in length and 10.75 inches in width on the outside.

Last but not the least, this plant germination plate is ideal for use with heat mats, humidity domes, microgreens, wheatgrass, feed, and hydroponics. This item also comes with a 2-year warranty that guarantees it will not break, allowing you to concentrate on growth rather than repairing equipment.

Therefore, Bootstrap Farmer 1020 Tray will be one of the best choices according to your preferences.

Most Liking Features

This tray comes with food-safe Polypropylene plastic as well as ideal solution for high duty. It also offers 2-year warranty.

Probable Drawbacks

This product may lack the advantage of exclusive outdoor use.

Key Features

  • Made of recyclable plastic
  • Ideal for use with heat mats and humidity domes
  • Ultra-durable with no holes
  • Can withstand heavy loads with the help of thick material

4. Handy Pantry 5-Pack 1020 Garden Growing Trays with Drain Holes

If you’ve come here looking for the best 1020 trays for whole outdoor package, this product will work! The Handy Pantry trays may be an excellent option for you!

First of all, Handy Pantry’s microgreen trays with holes are great for seedling flats and shallow germination trays for simple microgreens such as organic arugula seed, sunflower seed, amaranth, and spicy salad mix. These popular plastic seed trays are ideal for growing wheat grass seed.

Furthermore, these seedling trays are a popular sprouting tray for indoor use because of their small size. In addition to alfalfa, radish, and broccoli sprouts, they are also ideal for seed starting trays, nursery trays for young seedlings, and BPA-free greenhouse supplies, to name a few applications.

Additionally, these Seedling trays are multi-purpose grow trays that may be used as a hydroponic grow tray, an ebb and flow tray, or as a plant tray in an organic fodder system. Ten-by-ten-inch plastic growth trays nest neatly inside a twenty-by-ten-inch watering tray!

In the end, Handy Pantry trays can potentially be used as one of the best trays in the market.

Most liking features

This microgreen tray with holes comes with multipurpose usage as a hydroponic grow tray, an ebb, and flow tray. It is also famous for its compatibility with outdoor use.

Probable Drawbacks

This tray does not offer optimal growing conditions.

Key Features

  • Great for seedling flats and shallow germination trays
  • Offers multipurpose usage
  • Are perfect for outdoor use
  • Serves as ideal microgreen trays

5. Mr. Sprout Heavy Duty 1020 Trays No Holes and Humidity Dome

As the final product on our list for today, we have another marvel for you. Mr. Sprout’s 1020 tray is a one-of-a-kind item in the nursery industry.

To begin, the humidity domes included with these trays allow you to manage the temperature and humidity of the seedling tray environment, giving you complete control over the growth process. This transparent propagation dome combined with your seed trays enables easy observation of your plants without compromising their habitat or germination tray.

Second, these extra-durable seed-starting trays are built to endure a long time! These plant trays are not constructed of cheap, weak plastic, so they will survive for many seasons to come!

Furthermore, Mr. Sprout plant starter trays provide the optimal growing conditions for your seeds, assuring successful germination as well as faster growth pace in your seed starter trays, according to the manufacturer.

Finally, the Mr. Sprout 1020 tray is a fantastic choice for seed growing because of its versatility. Check it out!

Most Liking Features

This tray comes with humidity domes which manages the temperatures. These are also built strong to endure much pressure during seeding.

Probable Drawbacks

This product may not be useful for versatile usage.

Key Features

  • Comes with a clear propagation dome with seed trays
  • Provide the optimal growing conditions
  • Endures a long time
  • Offers a refund process

Things to Consider Before Buying Best 1020 Trays

Best 1020 Trays

It’s a challenging task to pick the best 1020 tray. Despite the fact that there are thousands of products on the market, you must choose the ideal one for your requirements. We’d like to give our perspectives on these issues in order to help you choose the best option for you.

Manufacturing Material

The majority of 1020 seed trays are composed of durable plastic. They are both light and sturdy thanks to the plastic. The trays are available in a variety of colors, the most common of which being black. Others may choose flats that reflect light rather than absorb it, such as white or brightly colored flats.

The plants can benefit from the reflected light. Because of the material used to construct the flats, Heavy Duty 1020 Trays & Flats are usually supplied in bulk to save money for the makers. Additionally, look for BPA-free food-safe polypropylene plastic for added protection.

Depth of Tray

The depth of 1020 greenhouse trays varies according to the type of plants you cultivate and the date of transplantation. Trays are normally 2 to 3 inches deep. The goal is to avoid using excessively deep trays if you want to ensure good drainage for your crops.

Otherwise, your soil will get soggy, which might result in root rot, an incurable ailment that affects crop output. Your 1020 germination tray must be deep enough to start seedlings (about 3 inches). The depth provides a larger surface area for absorbing the soil.

Additionally, the allowance helps prevent water from flowing over the rims. So, the depth of the tray is an important factor to look for while buying these trays.

Cleaning Process

If you have used 1020 Plastic Growing Trays in the past, you know they can be reprocessed. To use the same tray as a new one, you should clean it. Most of the time, it’s not easy to clean each tray so that it can be used again in another slot.

You can use H2O2 or a mild bleach solution to get rid of the germs on your clothes. H2O2 stands for hydrogen peroxide, an organic compound that is used to make soil safe. Another thing to look for when you buy Growing Trays is how to clean them.

Drainage Features

Another central aspect to consider when purchasing Leakproof 1020 Trays is drainage. Trays with and without holes are available. Indoors, trays without holes are beneficial, especially if you have a vertical growth arrangement.

They assist to prevent water from seeping onto the floor or coming into touch with the light below. A germination tray with holes is the best option if excellent drainage is important. These trays are great for growing plants such as cannabis.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How deep do seed trays need to be?

According to the type of products, the depth of 1020 trays might vary. Typical tray depths range from two to three inches.

When it comes to the majority of crops, it is not essential to sow seeds deeply; a covering of approximately a quarter of an inch (0.5cm) is adequate.

2. What size is a standard seed tray?

A normal seed tray (sometimes referred to as a “1020” tray) is somewhat more than 10 inches by 20 inches (25 centimeters by 51 centimeters), with a depth of 2 to 2.5 inches (5.1 to 6.4 centimeters). A normal seed tray is somewhat longer than 10 inches in length and slightly wider than 20 inches in breadth.

3. What size pots fit in the best plate seeders 1020 trays?

The 1020 tray measures are slightly more than 10 inches in length and slightly more than 20 inches in width.

A 1020 tray will accommodate two pots. Due to the tapered sides 16 pots will not fit properly in a 1010.

4. What is the best mix of soil for raised beds?

For the vast majority of instances, we propose the following proportions: 60 percent of the soil is topsoil. Compost makes up 30% of the total. Potting soil (a soilless growth mix including peat moss, perlite, and/or vermiculite) accounts for 10% of the total.

5. How many seedlings are in a tray?

Each hole should contain at least two seeds.

This helps ensure that at least one seed germinates in each cell. If both seeds germinate, you may easily prune or eliminate the plant that appears to be the weaker. If the seeds are little, plant four. This increases their chances of growth.

Final Words

The challenge of finding the best 1020 trays looks difficult. However, we’ve simplified it for your convenience. When looking for the best tracking knife, keep the following tips in mind.

Best of luck!

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