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Best Temporary Fence – Top Models Reveled

If you need temporary fencing for your pets or construction site, you have come to the right place. tempoary fence work like magic. You can use them for many different purposes and they almost always come in handy.

However, temporary fencing is different from permanent fencing and you can’t use temporary dog fences as permanent fences. So, first, you need to understand for what purpose you want your temp fences.

Also, there are many options available and many different types of temporary fences. Finding the best temporary fence among them might prove to be a tough job. That’s why our experts spent hours researching temp fencing and made a list with only the top five.

Keep reading to find out more about them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence Pen
Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence PenCheck Price

Housables 4'x100' Feet Plastic Mesh Fence
Housables 4'x100' Feet Plastic Mesh FenceCheck Price

Tenax 4' x 100' Guardian Warning Barrier
Tenax 4' x 100' Guardian Warning BarrierCheck Price

BISupply 4 FT Safety Fence
BISupply 4 FT Safety FenceCheck Price

Our Top 4 Best Temporary Fence Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a temporary fence according to your necessity.

1. Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence Pen

Dogs are amazing pets but sometimes they can get quite hard to manage. Especially if you have a garden or if you don’t have an open yard for them to play. So, getting a playpen for a dog might help you manage your dog better.

That’s why amazon basics are offering you the best temporary fence for dogs. These are portable play and exercise pens for dogs.

You can find extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. So, you can get the one perfectly suitable for your breed.

Also, Amazon basics fences are made of durable iron metal and they have a rust-proof black coating. So, you can be pretty sure that these will last a long time.

However, setting up a temporary dog fence can be tough for some other brands but not amazon basics. These fences are set up very fast. All you need to do is unfold, shape, and connect. You don’t need any tools for this.

Most Likeable Features

Amazon basics fences are of good quality. These are very durable and look great too. These fences are specially made for dogs and pets and these will keep your pets happy and keep them safe from your gardens or costly glass vase!

Probable Drawbacks

Sometimes dogs are a bit too strong for the playpen and strong dogs like a German-shepherd might be able to escape from the playpen with a bit of force.

Key Features

  • With or without door versions available
  • Sizes from extra small to extra-large available
  • Made of durable iron with rust-proof coating
  • 2 secure locking side bolt latches
  • Includes ground anchors for outdoor usage

2. Housables 4’x100′ Feet Plastic Mesh Fence

If you need instant fences for your garden or construction sites, plastic barrier netting from Housables might be the perfect choice for you. These temporary fencings are cheap, vibrant, and durable. So, they serve the purpose quite well.

As we all know, gardening is not an easy task. Newly seeded lawns or small seedlings can get trampled easily by people or pets. So, fencing the area is very necessary.

Also, a freshly painted surface or newly laid concrete sidewalks demand a temporary warning fence too.

That’s why having a temporary dog fence at your home can be very helpful at times. Housables is offering just that for you. Their fences have a vibrant color. So, these catch the attention easily. Also, 100 feet in length is more than enough for most purposes.

In the end, a fence is all about controlling the environment. With these temporary privacy fencing, you can control what comes in and goes out of your property and have a safe, sound environment.

Most Likeable Features

Housables plastic mesh barrier nettings are very easy to install. These work perfectly with metal t-posts or wooden stakes. You can install these yourself and they will do the job perfectly. So, ease of usage is a very important feature of these fences.

Probable Drawbacks

For some users, the fence seemed a bit too thin and they complained about it. However, for most others, the thickness was perfect for the price.

Key Features

  • Works great as a temporary dog fence
  • Perfect for drawing attention with vibrant color
  • Suitable for multi-purpose usage
  • Lightweight, cheap but very durable and handy

3. Tenax 4′ x 100′ Guardian Warning Barrier

Warning barriers are useful for a lot of things, aren’t they? You can use these as temporary fences for your construction site or hazardous areas. Tenax does this job tremendously well and is very suitable for use as temporary fencing.

However, a temporary dog fence needs to be sturdy and strong so that it works well and lasts a long time.

That’s why Tenax ensures that their warning barriers last at least five years and their work ensures their quality too.

Also, as warning barriers need to be properly visible, Tenax makes these temp fences in mostly fluorescent colors like orange, green, neon, etc. So, these work perfectly to warn people from hazardous areas.

But in the end, Tenax temporary dog fence are most suitable for use around utility work or crowd control. These won’t be very useful if you plan on using them for your pets. Because these are very lightweight and won’t be able to control big dogs! You can check out our picks for Privacy Screen for Chain Link Fence as well.

Most Likeable Features

Tenax temp fences work perfectly for gardens or utility work where you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a permanent fence. These also work great as a visual barrier and they last a long time. So, how’s this not a win-win situation?

Probable Drawbacks

These are 4ft by 100ft fences. So, if you plan on keeping large animals out with this fence, you should change your plan.

Key Features

  • Properly visible fluorescent colors
  • Lightweight but very sturdy material
  • Made in the USA
  • Lasts longer than average lightweight fences
  • Very high value compared with others

4. BISupply 4 FT Safety Fence

If you are looking for a temporary snow fence, Bisupply would be the best temporary fence for you. Bisupply fences work perfectly as snow fences because these cause disturbances in wind causing snow to accumulate where preferred.

Also, Bisupply fences are useful as temprary fence for events, construction sites, or garden fences because these have very vibrant colors and are made to be strong.

Bisupply uses high-density polyethylene material for its fences.

So, these resist corrosion, chemicals, and moisture making these heavy-duty and sturdy for a long time. Also, you can roll these up for later usages or cut them up for smaller needs.

However, if you want to cut costs, you need to be able to put fences easily yourself. Keeping that in mind, Bisupply made these to be very easy to use and all you need is 4ft stakes of wood or metal and ensure that your plastic mesh net doesn’t collapse. If you are looking for the Fence Post, you can find the recommendations here.

Most Likeable Features

As these fences can be used for various purposes, Bisupply made them be that way. These have vibrant colors for increased visibility, strong material for sturdiness, ergonomic design for breaking wind, and 4ft * 100ft size suitable for any type of usage. Bisupply really provided it all!

Probable Drawbacks

Bisupply fences aren’t suitable for use in very high heat. So, if you live in a high-temperature area, you might want to consider buying more expensive fencing.

Key Features

  • Fast and inexpensive temporary fencing
  • Works well as a snow fence
  • Constructed of high-density polyethylene
  • Perfect as warning barriers or garden barriers
  • Corrosion, chemical, and moisture resistant

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Best Temporary Fence

1. What are temporary fences made of?

temporary dog fence are usually made of plastic mesh, steel wires, or chainlinks. You might consider checking out the Electric Fence Wire to use here.

2. What is considered temporary fencing?

According to the FBP Temporary fencing policy, temporary fencing must be a minimum height of 1.8 meters but no more than 2 meters. Also, barbed wire extensions are not permitted.

3. Does a snow fence work?

Snow fences work by causing turbulence in the wind. So, Snow fences cause snow to drift in beneficial places without causing disturbances in roads or houses.

4. What type of fence is cheapest for dogs?

Chain-links, wire mesh, or picket fencings are among the cheapest fences for dogs. So, the best temporary dog fence for you should be the most suitable one for your circumstances.

5. Is temporary fencing better than permanent?

Permanent fencing costs a lot. So, if you don’t need permanent fencing but just want basic safety, temporary fencing will do the job for you.

How To Erect Temporary Fencing

Final Words

best temporary dog fence

Temprary fences are very useful tools to have at home. You can use a temporary dog fence for many different purposes like creating temporary warnings or crowd control barriers for construction sites, gardens, or events.

Also, the best temporary fences will cost you the lowest but provide the highest value. Hope we helped you with that!

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