Seven Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas

Seven Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas | Easy Tips for Beginners

Having a garden can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and add value to your property. But it’s also important to protect your garden from intruders, pests, and other hazards. One of the best ways to do this is by installing a fence around your garden. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should put up a fence in your garden and the different types of fencing options available. With the right information in hand, you can make an informed decision about whether or not adding a fence is the right choice for you and your family. So let’s get started!


Why You Should Put Up a Fence

Why You Should Put a Fence

  1. SAFETY is the main reason. Many animals enjoy munching on tasty vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbages, etc. They also like to munch any kind of leaf that is edible. Children and other people may tear up your veggies and flowers.

If you want to stop this, fencing can help. It will make a safety guard and prevent destruction and any kind of harm to your beautiful garden area.

  1. Putting a fence creates a hurdle between the direct sunlight and your plants. It also reduces the ultraviolet rays that incur directly on the plants. This helps plants from rigorous heating.
  2. A fence becomes an obstacle against the stormy wind that can damage your garden.
  3. When you share a backyard with your neighbor fencing is necessary.
  4. Fencing works as a protection for accidents. You can be prepared for a random wild animal attack. Kids can play at ease in your backyard if there is a fence around your garden.
  5. A tall fence gives you a “garden area privacy”.
  6. Fencing can literally keep you far from unsightly scenes.

As you got to know how important it is to give a protective barrier to your garden, you must think about the expenses behind it. Fences can be very expensive as well as very budget-friendly.

Many of us do not want a costly fence. It can be someone’s temporary home/garden, some may just want to do experiments by planting random trees out of a hobby. Some gardeners do not have an endless budget in hand. So inexpensive fencing ideas are very helpful for them.

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Now it is Time to Describe Seven Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas to You

Seven Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas to You

Snow fencing

This kind of fencing is very cheap and famous among gardeners. It comes with a large stretcher. You can find it in any hardware store. Snow fencing is wooden, comparatively long-lasting, and has a sound height. Make sure you don’t mistakenly buy any plastic barriers. You can find it mostly in the fall or winter times because of its name. This fence comes in 25 to 50-foot rolls and costs only 50 to 75 dollars on average for a whole garden, obviously depending on the size of your garden. It is easy to maintain and acts as a windbreak.


Pallet Fence

This is the cheapest of all-cause it costs nothing but some physical works. You just have to search and collect some pallets from different sites. They can be found in construction sites, nurseries, and garages of shops.

You just have to set them horizontally with vertical pallet posts. They are heat-treated and plant-friendly. Just make sure they have the IPCC logo. They don’t cost a single penny.


Picket Fencing

Picket fence is one of the most beautiful yet affordable fences in the world. It is appropriate for any house that has a beautiful garden. It gives extra privacy to your lawn with its feature of neared placing and overshadowing unsightly scenes. The fence is made by 1 or 2 inches of picket fences stand vertically and the top plus bottom has 2 horizontal rails.

It looks very delightful and is found in lots of designs. Some styles are Cape God, Craftsman, Georgian home, Colonial etcetera. You can color them as you like for your yard. They only cost 5 to 10 dollars per foot. Sometimes picket fences are called the symbol of the American Dream.

Bamboo and Yew as fence

Though they are just other types of plants from grass families, they are used as the fence in elegant modern houses of tropical areas of America. Bamboos are normally 10 to 50 meters tall. They give shade and comfort to the yard. It is risky eventually because they take over the land by spreading themselves.

On the other hand, Yews are dark, dense, and evergreen. It is considered a smart choice when choosing a living fence. They grow slowly, take time to be a hedge alike for sunny and cloudy weather.

Barbed wire fence

If you fear uncontrollable animals, this idea is perfect for you. This fence is worthy to protect your garden from fierce animals to normal livestock. Multiple strands of barbed wire are horizontally tied up with some posts in the middle. This makes a really good fence. It costs about 1.5 to 2 dollars per foot.

Privet Fencing

Another most beautiful and inexpensive fence idea is privet fencing. This one is my personal favourite. It is one kind of hedge that is used as a fence. There are some privet plant species and almost evergreen shrubs which grow 4 to 10 tall and make a fence-shaped bush. You can just plant them around your garden and wait for them to grow. You have to spend a small amount for it about 1 to 2 dollars per linear foot.

Hog wired fence

This fence is made with dirt-cheap materials and works to prevent tiny animals to enter. Large wooden frames are shilled with tiny metal wire. Wires are strung in a rigid pattern so that nothing can harm them. It costs 3-5 dollars per foot.

Electric Fencing

It is also a cheap and famous fencing idea. It contains a transmitter, a receiver, and multiple wires. This may not be used in residential areas for the electricity in it. But it is very good for the rural and uninhabited areas where you only fear fierce animals. When the wire is breached, it gives a high voltage pulse. It is a simple setup and costs low. Wires are strung between wooden posts. It costs around 1 to 6 dollars per foot.

Final Words

Final words

These were seven preferable cheap ideas you can use for fencing your garden. But keep in mind that, you have to maintain the fence. As they are not very pricey, they don’t have that much longevity. You can’t expect them to last forever. You may have to change them after some years.

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